The Greek Cuisine at its best!

When you make the decision to visit the beautiful Greek island Crete, there are many things you should not miss! It’s not only the unique beaches the traditional architecture and the unspoiled nature that characterizes Crete and especially Chania! One of the most extraordinary things to do in Crete is to taste the traditional dishes! Chania Restaurant Irene, is one of the best restaurants with traditional dishes that you will find in Acrotiri peninsula!

Among the beautiful beaches on your way to Acrotiri from Chania Center, you will find the traditional restaurant Irene, with delicious dishes! The service is excellent and the traditional decoration and of course the food, will make you feel Greek!

If you are on your way back to Chania from a tour around the beautiful Acrotiri peninsula, the best place to have a dinner, is Chania Restaurant Irene! Enjoy your vacations in Crete and don’t forget to have fun, explore the beauty of Chania and taste the great Cretan cuisine!



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